Incas Caffè
Incas Caffè

The firm

Quality coffee has been the aim of the company since its first steps.

“You can’t improvise a good cup of coffee”  Vincenzo Donatiello used to say. In 1922, together with his wife Anna, he opened a food and coffee store in the historic and evocative “Triggio” neighborhood.

At that time, food was bought from street markets and only a few shops actually offered it.

That is why the couple decided to call their business “La Bottega Nuova” (the new shop): new especially  because of the products the emporium offered.

The absolute originality was the introduction, on the wooden shelves, of exotic raw green coffee beans and very few, rare and extremely valuable blends of roasted coffee made with great care and in small quantities by Vincenzo himself.

Vincenzo’ son, Giuseppe, decided to enter the coffee sector by specializing in coffee roasting.

In the 60s he created Incas Caffè, tracing a path in the great Italian tradition of High Quality coffee, that is today carried out with great passion and love by his children: Vincenzo, Simona and Annalisa.

The path starts from the Expresso, an all Italian miracle in which the company specializes, and it turns into the production of fine coffee blends for office or home. The high quality of the bean blends for Coffee Bars and Cafés and therefore for the Ho.Re.Ca (Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering) sector  is gathered in the single dose pods in filter paper, in the grinded coffee for Moka machines and in all decaf products.


When speaking of Italian Coffee, one enters in a fascinating, vast and ancient land;
That’s why coffee as the  high expression of “Made in Italy” cannot be considered only as a product, but also combines other essential elements:

The careful choice of the best Green coffee

The utmost care of the production processes

The constant research and the extensive study of coffee’s biological and chemical characteristics

The technological innovation

The service and information provided to customers