Incas Caffè
Incas Caffè

Coffee bar blends

Incas makes only high quality coffee blends and it specializes in producing the finest Expresso blends for the Ho.Re. Ca. sector, packed in 1 Kg bags with valve

The bag is designed for an optimal conservation of the coffee thanks to the insertion in it of a special valve that allows the natural gases, that are peculiar to the product ripening, to spurt out  without letting any air entering the bag, which could damage the organoleptic qualities of the blend.

Furthermore, the bag is surely more convenient to use and manage in terms of space.

The High quality blends that are requested the most in the Coffee Bar/Ho.Re.Ca. sector are:

100% Arabica. Elegant and pleasing blend by the sweet and enveloping aroma with hints of honey and ripe fruit.

N°1.  Sweet and biscuit-like notes stand out on the soft and velvety base.

ORO S. A blend with a round and balanced aroma, characterized by toasted notes of cocoa and  a persistent taste.

ORO. An intense blend with a dense and creamy body, with  aromatic hints of toasted bread.

EXTRABAR. A blend for those who like a strong , penetrating taste with caramel hints.